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Renew and Recharge with CHAGA

Jun 29, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

Chaga is often referred to as "The King of Mushrooms" and is a potent natural adaptogen that supports healthy cellular aging, regeneration, and metabolic balance.* Additionally, Chaga promotes natural and healthy inflammation response and immune function while giving a boost of support to our naturally occurring enzymatic antioxidant pathways.*

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Why Does Healthy and Sustainable Candle Wax Matter?

Jun 02, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

Candles are almost entirely made of wax, which is the fuel that allows them to burn and contributes to an essential portion of the experience of enjoying a candle. When I was working to develop our essential oil aromatherapy candle blends, I decided to learn as much as I could about the available candle waxes out there.The most crucial elements of the search were to find the healthiest types of wax to use that was also sustainable and renewable to produce. The goal was to create the healthiest form of candles possible while being kind to the environment.

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Pacific: A Meditative Aromatherapy Candle Blend

May 25, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

There are few things as peaceful, calm, and tranquil as sitting in the sand and experiencing the activity of the Pacific all around you. Best Health Co created the PACIFIC candle to embody the deep and reflective elements of the Pacific.

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Cascades: A Rejuvenating Aromatherapy Candle Blend

May 24, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

Spending time in nature, hiking through the Cascades, and appreciating its complex array of green is an uplifting and awakening experience. Best Health Co created the CASCADES candle to embody the renewing and refreshing elements of the Pacific Northwest Cascades.

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MIRON: Unique Biophotonic Violet Glass

May 23, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

We live in a world filled with wonders. Although so much has been discovered in science, much is still unknown. One field of study that looks at the relationship between light, energy, and living things is biophotonics which focuses on the relationship between light, energy, and the human body. It is derived from the Greek words 'bios' and 'phos,' meaning 'life' and 'light,' to emphasize the importance of light and energy to life.

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High West: An Invigorating Aromatherapy Candle Blend

May 19, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

Amid the wild and untamed nature of the High West, there is a sense of excitement and energy from the sun-drenched earth. Best Health Co created the HIGH WEST candle to embody the dramatic and expansive elements of the American West.This aromatherapy candle is intentionally curated using 100% pure aromatic essential oils to produce an invigorating experience. Desert pinyon, sage, & cedar lead the way, while subtle notes of cypress and juniper complete this adventurous and revitalizing aroma.The aromatherapy profile of each botanical can be complex and unique. The following is a breakdown of each essential oil we use in our HIGH WEST Candle blend.

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Mushrooms: The Ultimate Wellness Magic

Apr 29, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

All mushrooms are magical, and by that, we mean Ultimate Wellness Magic! But some species have a significant advantage over the rest in helping our mind and body thrive. We try to structure our days so that we can be as productive and efficient as possible. When we work, we channel our focus and concentration. While exercising, we tap into strength and stamina. The key to relaxing and unwinding is to find ways to turn off the stress of the day so that we can sleep. However, this is easier said than done.

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Eat To Thrive: Intermittent Fasting

Feb 07, 2022  -  by Travis Gerhart

With the ever-growing popularity of intermittent fasting, it seems that just about everyone in the health-sphere is giving it a try. However, most people don't realize that intermittent fasting is a category of different nutritional eating strategies: long-term fasting, short-term fasting, alternating day fasting, and time-restricted eating.If you're new to the concept of intermittent fasting, you may be wondering if it's right for you or if it's even safe. While it can be challenging at first to regulate your body's hunger cues and blood sugar levels, this eating pattern is one of the most effective ways to maintain a healthy weight, boost energy and support your overall health and fitness.

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Mighty Mitochondria

Dec 05, 2021  -  by Travis Gerhart

Optimizing and getting the most out of our mitochondrial health is essential within Supervital Active Longevity, by promoting a positive outlook on life, eating optimally nutritious food, strategizing strength-building exercises to build athletic/flexible bodies, and taking next-level functional supplements.

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Find Your Zen with Reishi

Apr 05, 2021  -  by Travis Gerhart

Reishi is a well-known medicinal mushroom used as a nutritional and herbal supplement for thousands of years. It is commonly referred to as the Mushroom of Immortality, Queen Healer Mushroom, and to us here at Best Health co - The Longevity Supershroom.* [1] Reishi mushroom is a full-spectrum adaptogen that promotes a healthy stress response and is supportive of our natural immune and antioxidant processes.*

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Spagyric Extracts: Synergetic Fermented Mushroom Elixirs

Feb 19, 2021  -  by Travis Gerhart

We believe the highest quality is all that matters. We chose spagyric herbal extract methods to maximize the energetic and nutrient potential of each mushroom. We are proud of our extracts line and wanted to describe the process of how they are made. We feel they are pretty fantastic and think you will too!

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You Have To Call Me Dragon...Fruit

Oct 23, 2020  -  by Travis Gerhart

My first experience with Dragon Fruit was while on vacation in Hawaii. We were returning from Big Beach (Makena State Park) and found this gem in Kihei when an online search for Açaí bowls pointed us in the direction of an Island favorite. Brekkie Bowls was an oasis on this sun-scorched afternoon. There wasn't a wrong choice on the menu. While I had heard of Dragon fruit, I wasn't familiar with its other names. I selected the option that featured pitaya. After all, new experiences are what a first-time trip to Hawaii is all about. 

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Our spagyric mushroom extracts are made in the Pacific Northwest from 100% mushroom fruiting bodies grown in North America. By using sustainable & ethical sourcing, these synergetic extracts contain All The Love ❤️.




Synergetic Dual-Extract Icon

Synergetic Dual-Extract

The water-soluble and essential oil phytonutrients are re-combined with naturally occurring purified trace minerals. Maintaining the energetic signatures that are native to each mushroom.

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Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing

Our mushrooms are ethically and sustainably wild-harvested or cultivated from family farms in North America. Made in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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No Synthetics or Isolates

No synthetics or isolates, only mushrooms as you know them. 100% mushroom fruiting bodies. No added starch, mycelium, or grain.

Bioactive & Bioavailable Icon

Bioactive & Bioavailable

Spagyric extracts maintain each mushroom species' natural nutritional and energetic balance, maximizing bioactive and bioavailable properties.

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Practitioner Approved

Trusted by practitioners for quality and support for their growing practices.

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Wellness In Every Drop

Goodness you can taste. Balance you can feel. Wellness in every drop.




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