Find Your Zen with Reishi

by Travis Gerhart
Find Your Zen with Reishi

Reishi is a well-known medicinal mushroom used as a nutritional and herbal supplement for thousands of years. It is commonly referred to as the Mushroom of Immortality, Queen Healer Mushroom, and to us here at Best Health co - The Longevity Supershroom.* [1]

Reishi mushroom is a full-spectrum adaptogen that promotes a healthy stress response and is supportive of our natural immune and antioxidant processes.* It has been used, historically, for strengthening, invigorating, and replenishing the body, as well as to nourish the lung, prostate, breast, heart, liver, and digestive system.* [1]

Reishi mushroom colorful flora design


Longevity is all about feeling as good as we can for as long as we can. Yes, that can include extending lifespan. Perhaps more importantly, the focus should be Supervital Active Longevity. Which we define as getting more use out of our years and feeling better and more active as we reach an advanced age.

We may not feel a definitive moment when age starts to set in and begin to affect our metabolism or recovery. We do notice creaky joints, feeling a little 'run over' after social events, soreness maybe for no reason at all, fatigue...fill in the blank. We can't point to when it happened, exactly, but we know when it's here and experiencing it first hand.

Aging is characterized by the gradual and progressive decline in physiological functions occurring in most tissues and organisms. [2] How we age has a lot to do with our environment and can vary based on how we treat ourselves mentally and physically. The type of food we eat, how we exercise, and how well we rest and recover can have a massive influence over a lifetime. Our thoughts can affect our approach to life, motivation, how many items we cross off that 'bucket list.'

Habits that start at a young age can set us up for success or set us up for failure. The most important thing is that if you change your habits, you can change your life, almost seemingly overnight. It's never too late to take a step back and ask yourself if the routine you have set for yourself is actually serving its purpose or getting in your way.

It all starts with one decision to change one thing. A total overhaul overnight is rarely successful. What's the low-hanging fruit in this scenario? What is the most effortless sustainable change that you can make tomorrow?

Taking this first step is a catalyst that can build momentum for the next few weeks or months that eventually accumulates to a renewed sense of wellbeing. Daily behavior change can have long-term and lasting effects.

As we age, our metabolism's health and function play a massive role in how we feel. Metabolism is defined as a series of chemical reactions to sustain life, including the intake of nutrients, energy production, immune protection, healing, and recovery. Many have heard that our metabolism slows down as we age. This doesn't just pertain to how well we utilize the food we eat but also how well we recover. A decline in physiologic function refers to our enzymes' role in metabolism and how well we heal. Enzymes typically work well in youth, and as we age, well, not so good, or at least not as well as they should.

One of many enzymes that are critical to healthy aging is adenosine monophosphate activated-protein kinase (AMPK). AMPK is present in a more 'activated' form during youth. Proper function and activation are integral to a healthy cellular metabolism. Activation of AMPK can also have positive downstream effects.

The bioactive compounds in Reishi mushroom fruiting bodies have been shown to activate AMPK signaling pathways that regulate mitochondrial function, autophagy, and apoptosis. [3-4]


AMPK is an enzyme that plays a role in cellular energy balance, also known as homeostasis. When existing in a fasting or catabolic state, AMPK encourages glucose metabolism, fatty acid uptake (fat burning), and oxidation. [5] The presence of AMPK activates SIRT1 as well. Sirtuins are a family of seven proteins that help regulate cellular health. SIRT 1 functions in the cellular response to inflammation, metabolism, and oxidative stressors. Resveratrol in red wine helps activate SIRT1 [6-7], but AMPK activates SIRT1 more directly. [8-10] AMPK has also shown activation potential of NRF2, which is a critical transcription factor, or "master switch" involved in many antioxidant systems. [11]

AMPK has the potential of inhibiting the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), which is a critical component of cellular metabolism. mTOR integrates nutrient sensing with the cellular process that fuels cell growth and proliferation. Suppression of mTOR is thought to be one of the beneficial effects of intermittent fasting and exercise, prolonging life span and delaying the onset of age-related pathologies across various organisms (yeasts, nematodes, fruit flies, rats, mice, and primates). [12-15]

Mindful Strategies for healthy aging involve how, what, and when we eat, the type and frequency of exercise, and how well we rest and recover. Managing stress from a mind-body perspective can affect our overall outlook and how we feel. Its importance should not be minimized. 


Stress is a component of modern life that is seemingly unavoidable. Stress has been shown to strain the immune system and make it less efficient. It can negatively affect our ability to get a good night's sleep leading to tossing, turning, and waking to feel exhausted. The result is the building blocks for a frazzled and panicked environment. The good news is that we can develop stress management strategies that can benefit daily and build into the future.

Stress & Longevity represented by frazzled and overwhelmed

Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, eating well, building solid relationships, improving time management, and learning to say 'no' are tips that many experts recommend helping with stress daily. Additionally, Reishi has been studied to support the stress response, reduce fatigue, and promote a sense of wellbeing. [16-17]


We formulated Best Health Co's REISHI extract to feature a blend of three Ganoderma species, creating a multi-spectrum tincture. Red Reishi, White Reishi, and Oregon Reishi are known to possess various bioactive compounds and can be found naturally occurring in North America. These include triterpenoids, polysaccharides, nucleosides, enzymes, and sterols. Over 200 triterpenes, 20 types of sterols, and multiple vitamins & minerals have been identified from various Reishi mushroom's life cycle points. [24]

Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is the most widely researched medicinal mushroom period. While native to Europe and Asia, it can be found growing on decaying hardwood trees in California and Utah forests. [18]

Known phytonutrients of Ganoderma lucidum: Ganoderic Acid, Lucidenic acid, Ganoderenic Acid, and Beta-d-glucans. [19]

Ganoderma lucidum - Red Reishi - growing on a tree

Red Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum: The Longevity Supershroom.

White Reishi - Ganoderma applanatum growing on decaying stump

White Reishi - Ganoderma applanatum: The Artist's Conk.

White Reishi (Ganoderma applanatum) is also known as the Artist's Conk and is found on the Western Hemlock and Douglas Fir of the Pacific Northwest. White Reishi can also be used as an umami flavor enhancer in fermented foods. [20]

Known phytonutrients of Ganoderma applanatum: Ganoderic Acid, Lanostanic triterpenoids, Meroterpenoids, and Applanoxidic Acids. [21]

Oregon Reishi (Ganoderma oregonense) is almost genetically identical to the more extensively researched Ganoderma tsugae. Their independent evolution in North America is primarily due to prominent geographic barriers: the Rocky Mountain range and midwestern plains. G. oregonense thrives in western forests dominated by conifers and G. tsugae in the temperate eastern hemlock forests. [22]

Known phytonutrients of Ganoderma oregonense: Ganoderic Acids and various glycans. [23]

Oregon Reishi - Ganoderma oregonense growing on a tree

Oregon Reishi - Ganoderma oregonense: The G. tsugae of the West. 


REISHI (Ganoderma lucidum, G. applanatum, G. oregonense) with Dropper

Our REISHI Blend Spagyric tincture is a triple-phase extract—the first is water extraction. The second is alcohol extraction, and the third is trace mineral extraction via calcination.

Spagyric elixirs contain all of the water-soluble and essential oil phytonutrients, enhanced with naturally occurring purified trace minerals. This maintains the energetic signatures that are native to each mushroom while maximizing the bioactive and bioavailable properties.*

For a deeper dive into how our extracts are made, check out the button below to read this article in The Supervital.

We feel that medicinal mushrooms offer the potential to exponentially affect your health and support you as you age.* Most mushrooms have been shown to possess multi-system effects, but few more significant than Reishi mushrooms. 


We are huge fans of optimizing our daily interactions across the physical, mental, and emotional spectrum, fostering a lifestyle promoting Supervital Active Longevity.

We can control what we consume and apply to our bodies. We take a holistic approach to nourishment that includes our dietary intake and the mindset we adopt.

Our life strategy is designed as a catalyst, primed to amplify our potential and support aspirations—a foundation to remove distractions and conquer the obstacles in your path.

We invite you to join us on this journey via The Supervital. Join the movement, Besupervital®.

Travis Gerhart, DC, RYT-500

Travis Gerhart, DC, RYT-500

Founder of Best Health Co & The Supervital Journal. Topics focus on the mind, body, & soul aspects of Supervital Active Longevity. Dr. Gerhart enjoys studying the latest developments in biochemistry, phytochemistry, epigenetics, & aging.
@traviswgerhart • @besthealthco

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