Pacific: A Meditative Aromatherapy Candle Blend

by Travis Gerhart
Pacific: A Meditative Aromatherapy Candle Blend

There are few things as peaceful, calm, and tranquil as sitting in the sand and experiencing the activity of the Pacific all around you. Best Health Co created the PACIFIC candle to embody the deep and reflective elements of the Pacific.

This aromatherapy candle is intentionally curated using 100% pure aromatic essential oils for a meditative experience. Palo Santo, Pine, and Yuzu lead the way while subtle notes of Cedar and Sage complete this reflective and meditative aroma.

The aromatherapy profile of each botanical can be complex and unique. The following is a breakdown of each essential oil we use in our PACIFIC candle blend.


Our Palo Santo essential oil is steam distilled from the ethically wildcrafted aged heartwood of the Bursera graveolens tree, which grows wild in the mountains of Ecuador. Palo Santo means holy wood or sacred tree. For centuries, this sacred tree has been used for its healing properties and ability to ward off negative energy.

Traditionally, Palo Santo wood smoke is used in spiritual rituals to clear negativity from a person or place, similar to how White Sage is used in smudging practices. Palo Santo is a member of the same botanical family as Frankincense and Myrrh and is used to enhance meditative states in the same way as its botanical cousins - calming the nerves, encouraging relaxation, and quieting the mind.

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) aged and resinous with smoke

Palo Santo has a rich ethnobotanical history and has long been revered by many cultures for its healing and purifying properties. The wood matures over time, and after the tree has died, it starts to develop a chemical composition that makes for a potent essential oil. The resin is driven into the heartwood when the wood dies, deepening its unique and powerful chemistry as it matures. Palo Santo essential oil has settling, grounding, and calming qualities, making it an excellent oil for maintaining emotional balance and fostering spiritual fulfillment.

The oil has a balancing and uplifting effect emotionally and energetically and is a valuable tool for meditation, enhancing creativity, and tasks requiring sustained concentration. Palo Santo oil encourages a sense of calm and grounding, setting us up for emotional stability and a connection to the spiritual world.


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Our Scotch Pine essential oil is steam distilled using wildcrafted green needles and twigs of the Pinus sylvestris conifer from the forests of Bulgaria. With its robust, green, fresh, forest-evergreen, dry-balsamic, terpenic aroma, Scotch Pine essential oil provides the purity and freshness of a walk among the trees of a pine forest as well as many other aromatherapeutic benefits for our mental, emotional and physical health. 

Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris) vibrant with cones

Its fresh, clean scent and beneficial properties make it well suited for household cleaners and aromatic applications intended to convey cleanliness and freshness.

Scotch Pine essential oil offers emotional and energetic support to calm the internal environments of the mind and body. It can be used to bring mental clarity by stimulating the senses when one is dealing with anger or frustration while simultaneously promoting a positive outlook. 


Our Yuzu essential oil is cold-pressed from the yellow and green rinds of freshly harvested Citrus junos fruits cultivated in Japan. The bright and slightly floral citrus scent of our intensely aromatic Yuzu essential oil is quite robust and contributes to a lasting citrus top note.

Certain citrus peel oils contain potentially phototoxic furanocoumarins. These are not present in Yuzu essential oil, making it a worthwhile addition to facial products intended to revitalize skin and reduce signs of aging. Yuzu contains the chemical constituents Yuzunone and Yuzuol, which contribute to its remarkable diversity from other citrus fruit oils. 

YUZU (Citrus junos) fruit featured in the wild with mountain landscape

They contribute significantly to its unique aromatic aspects of increasing the sweet, balsamic, and delicate floral overtones. It can help promote a youthful appearance by lessening the effect of fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and loss of elasticity while promoting healthy skin aging.

Yuzu essential oil is refreshing and uplifting to the body as it calms the mind. The pleasant aroma of Yuzu oil makes it a great candidate for uplifting blends intended to ease the mind while promoting a positive approach to daily life. 


Our Atlas Cedar essential oil is steam distilled from the striking Cedrus atlantica trees growing wild in the mossy forests of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. This oil possesses a beautiful warm, earthy, and slightly resinous aroma. Yeilding a wide range of aromatherapy and natural perfumery applications.

Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica) vibrant with cones

Renowned for denoting strength and peaceful dominion, Atlas Cedar is known as a gentle giant, as it is both soft and powerful. Native to Morocco, these trees have been planted throughout Africa and the Middle East for centuries; and they can grow to 140 feet tall with bluish-green leaves and cones.

Atlas Cedar essential oil is widely used in meditation blends formulated to help stabilize and calm a restless mind or spirit due to its remarkable grounding effects. It is known for offering support for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being during trying times.


Our clary sage essential oil is steam distilled from the pastel purple flowers and soft green leaves of the perennial Salvia sclarea plant. It is cultivated in the colorful fields of the French mountains. With its fresh, warm, sweet-herbaceous, and slightly bitter undertones with touches of tea and tobacco, clary sage essential oil can soothe nerves and emotions in times of instability.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea) luscious macro view

Clary sage is uplifting and nourishing emotionally and energetically. It is well suitable for formulations intended to manage situational anxiety, restful sleep, relaxation, and promote a sense of calm. Clary sage essential oil allows for creative inspiration and is supportive in times of indecision or emotional confusion.


This complex and balanced blend of invigorating essential oils embodies the dramatic landscapes of its namesake. When burned, this candle will fill your space with peace, calm, and tranquility. Taking you on a journey that embodies the deep, reflective, and expansive elements of a region we know well as the Pacific. Bring Nature Home!

Why Does Healthy and Sustainable Candle Wax Matter?

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Why Does Healthy and Sustainable Candle Wax Matter? 


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Travis Gerhart, DC, RYT-500

Travis Gerhart, DC, RYT-500

Founder of Best Health Co & The Supervital Journal. Topics focus on the mind, body, & soul aspects of Supervital Active Longevity. Dr. Gerhart enjoys studying the latest developments in biochemistry, phytochemistry, epigenetics, & aging.
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