Best Health Co was created from the idea that we all need help navigating the often turbulent nature of life. We believe the MindBody connection is vital and how we approach the day can offer tremendous benefit or detriment. We can stay resilient while striving to transform our environment.

Our goal is to give you the goods to light a Spark of Adventure that never stops burning.  

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astaxanthin review

My next appointment with my ophthalmologist is not until december of 2021 so I will not know until then if my small cataracts have shrunk or grown.

Mushroom Daily Boost

My daily routine begins with Cordyceps! This mushroom supplement gives me the energy to keep up with my fast-paced lifestyle. Best Health Co products are top-quality, and customer service is excellent!

Fantastic Supplement

I put ½ teaspoon of Reishi in my tea in the morning and begin to feel a sense of calm all over. I look forward to the aroma and flavor in the morning. My kids mix it in their coffee, for various reasons, and say it mixes in great, but I’m not a coffee fan. I find blending it with a coffee frother, however, works best to mix it in. I have had prostate issues, and a family member recommended Reishi to try for my overall health. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you from a very satisfied customer!!

LOVE Chaga to help with my stress!

I was looking for a supplement to help manage my everyday stress. I feel like the tension could be putting my health at risk. Once I started taking Chaga, I noticed an improvement in my overall sense of well-being. I like to add Chaga to my tea in the morning. It has an earthy taste that is appealing and not too strong. I won’t go a day without it!

I'm hooked!

My eyes are aging faster than I am!! I have a lot of eye strain from working at a computer all day. I have been taking Astaxanthin for two months now, and it has helped reduce my eye strain and allowed me to continue to do my job a little more comfortably. I think it has helped with my focus, clarity, and overall thought processes as well. I regularly have my eye pressure checked and since I have been taking Astaxanthin I have been happy with the results. This product is fantastic! I believe that it has helped my health more than anything else I have tried!